All you need to know about V-Tight intimately rambling gel

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Wat is V-Tight?

V-Tight is a natural intimate radiation gel designed to promote vaginal youth and improve the sensation during sexual activity.

What natural ingredients are in there?

The gel contains active ingredients like Kamille extracts, Goldflower, Allantoine and Mint oil, known for their positive effects on vaginal health and juvie.

How do you use V-Tight gel?

Put a small amount on the fingers and gently rub in the vaginal walls and clitoris for optimal results.

Who is V-Tight suitable for?

V-Tight is suitable to women of all ages who are looking for vaginal youth, stronger pelvis and improved sensation during sexual activity.

What are the benefits of V-Tight gel?

V-Tight can help reinforce the vaginal muscles and strengthen the vaginal health and increase the thrill during sexual activity.

Are there side effects?

No, V-Tight gel is made of natural ingredients and has no side effects.

Is V-Tight gel safe during pregnancy?

It's not recommended to use the gel during pregnancy.

Can the gel help with postpartum reinforcement?

Yeah, V-Tight can help with postpartum reinforcement and reinforce the vaginal muscles after the delivery.

How fast does V-Tight gel work?

V-Tight starts in a few minutes after arriving

Is V-Tight suitable for women who are sensitive?

Yeah, the gel is made of natural ingredients and suitable for women with sensitive skin.

A lot of questions about ordering and delivering V-Tight intimate radiation gel

Is my order Discreet sent?

Absolutely. Your order is dispatched discreetly. Our packing material is all blank.

Where can I order V-Tight?

You can easily order V-Tight online via the official website and

Is V-Tight gel delivered worldwide?

No, we only deliver to Dutch, Belgium, Germany, and Austria

How long till I get my order?

This may variate depending on the land you live in, but normally it takes 1/2 days.

How much is it?

Depending on the quantity you order, because the more you buy, the more discount you get. The prices are as followed:

1 piece: 49.95
2 pieces: 84.95 (most chosen)
3 pieces: 120.00
4 pieces 149.85

From 2 pieces we do not charge shipping costs.

Can i cancel my order?

Yeah, you can cancel your order before this is sent. Get immediate contact as soon as possible.

How can I track my order?

You can follow your order through the DPD tracking code you get through e-mail.

What am I supposed to do if my order hasn't arrived?

If your order hasn't arrived despite following the Track Trace, contact the customer service of the DPD 085222222222222. If it doesn't work out, please contact us as soon as possible through the contact form or not call us.

Can you pay via PayPal?

Yeah, you can pay with PayPal, as well as credit card and bank transfer.

Any additional charges connected to my order?

No, there are no extra or hidden costs. We cover the shipping costs for the greater part. That's why we only handle the 1 pieces the low shipping costs of $2.99.

Pay safely and return from V-Tight

How can I pay securely?

We're using safe payment gateways and a SSL-protective Web site to secure the safety of customer records.

What payment methods are there?

We accept payments through:
Billink (Postpay)
Bancontact (For Belgium)

Can I get an invoice from my order?

Yeah, you'll get this right after the order by e-mail.

How can I contact the customer service?

You can contact the customer service via e-mail or phone, these contact records are listed on the website.

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